Our NEW Beginning!

What an incredible journey that brought us to this day. Sometimes in life you just never know where the road is leading—you think you have it all figured out, but then life throws you a curve ball and you have to make adjustments.

That’s my story.

Thirteen years ago, I had a great career in financial services. I really believed that would be my life career path. But because of a sickness in my family I made the choice to leave my career and be a stay at home mom. I decided to start a hobby business selling jewelry—I’m not the type to stay home and bake cookies all day! :) This hobby business was something I could do while my children were in school. At 3 pm my day would end.

I literally started from my kitchen table, but before I knew it, we had 10 stores buying from us. Within a year that grew to 100 stores. It’s a long story, but I decided to try my hand at retail. We moved away from the wholesale and dedicated ourselves to our two boutiques—Inspire Collections. Since I’m all about inspiration, I knew the name of our boutique had to have “inspire” in it. Inspiring others is my life goal. Our Facebook page is full of inspirational messages. Even if you’re not into fashion, you may enjoy our page just for the inspiration.

Throughout this journey I have had to stretch and grow. Many times, I had to go completely outside my comfort zone. I never liked having my picture taken, and I absolutely didn’t like  being in videos. When I first started doing the videos, it was in fear and trembling, but now I can actually say I enjoy doing them. I love connecting with our customers. I don’t worry about being perfect—I just try to be real.

This year we are celebrating our 8th anniversary for Inspire. Ironically, the number eight represents NEW BEGINNINGS. And as we celebrate our 8th year we are launching our online boutique—an exciting new beginning for us.

We’ve received tons of messages from customers near and far that said they wanted a way to shop with us online, and now we feel the timing is right to give it to them. We’re excited to be able to connect with our customers in a new way, and to see where this new venture will take us. We’re starting with jewelry, with the potential to expand in the future. What we can promise is amazing quality at a great price—something our customers have always enjoyed with us.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I really do believe we have the most amazing customers. I’m looking forward to serving you in new ways!