About Us

Inspire Collections is a boutique geared to the modern woman. We specialize in accessories and clothing. We're all about helping women look and feel good. Style is something that is individual to each woman, and we love helping women celebrate their own unique style. We love bringing the latest trends to our market. In fact, it's our goal to be first in this area!

Thirteen years ago, I started my business from my kitchen table. At first it was just a hobby business, something I could put my energy into while my children were at school. We expanded faster than I could have ever predicted, and soon we were supplying jewelry for 100 stores! Gradually, we moved away from wholesale and dedicated ourselves to our two boutiques—Inspire Collections.

Although we sell women's clothing & accessories, our goal is to provide inspiration and confidence. I want my customers to feel as good as they look!

This online boutique is a new chapter for Inspire Collections, and it’s my hope that we can provide the same warmth and inspiration that our customers have come to expect from my physical boutiques.